Do It Yourself Auto Repair

Most people read car blogs to find out more about their favorite cars and how to fix them. All over the web there are forums for absolutely every single kind of car that you can imagine. Acura is well represented and you may think that these forums are about hot rod kids that only talk about making them faster. While the Acura platform can be an exceptionally refined hot rod, generally that is the second life that an Acura will live. The first being a daily driver, family car and executive transport. That is the beauty of Acura’s, their ability to last long enough to completely change their purpose. Acura Express is your partner for the long haul. We carry the most complete OEM Acura parts online, and can ship within 24 hours when we have an item in stock.    

The Hot Rod

Hot rods are generally the realm of the young, a youthful enterprise that smells specifically of having something to prove. Hot rodding gets its roots in racing and racing is still a huge deal to this day. Racing has a great history worldwide and it is entirely possible that the first time two cars were in the same place together, the first race was held. Racing is so much a part of vehicle production that the old saying used to be, “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday”. Racing was so important to the industry that winning races made an actual impact on vehicle sales. That sort of mentality has not really carried over to today when most people are more concerned about much different things than they once were. Every major car manufacturer has its own racing team and that means that most of the time, the technology trickles down into production models. Acura, for instance has the NSX GT3 which looks like an Acura and might feel like an Acura but it will stomp on any Acura ever to roll out of the factory. The NSX has two seats and a nearly 600 horsepower engine from the factory that is impressive in any context.


The hot rodder is the guy or girl who is most at home in the garage with busted knuckles and greasy elbows. The homegrown spirit that this great country was founded upon. The DIY spirit is alive and well in the hot rod community. The creativity that is involved with making a car go faster is not necessarily the ultimate goal, it may be simply making your car into exactly what you want it to be. We don't simply carry replacement parts, we also have a wide selection of factory accessories. Things like wheels, audio systems, DVD players, and even badges and decals. Trust us the Acura accessories are nothing short of perfect and you will find they fit your application every time. That is the DIY spirit that Acura Express relies on, the spirit of each and every one of our clients to dig in and do things themselves. You provide the muscle and we will provide the best OEM Acura parts available.