Do You Need A Car Cover?

Car covers have a reputation for only being useful with collectible vehicles or that treasured, but somewhat questionable midlife crisis convertible. The truth is, every car can benefit from a car cover specially designed to fit the exact make and model. Here, we’ll look at a few of the reasons you should invest in a car cover for your daily commuter.

Protection Without a Garage

If you’re like us, you dream of having that perfect garage with room to park multiple cars. However, many garages have become little more than a storage unit for unneeded clutter. When you park your car on the street, it is exposed to weather conditions and potential vandalism. A car cover will help you keep your car’s paint job looking pristine without the work of cleaning out your garage.

Sun Damage

Your car’s paint job fades over time, especially when exposed to the elements. Intense sunlight can speed up the deterioration of your paint job, making it appear dull and faded, even when you painstakingly wax and polish your finish once a week. A car cover will protect your paint from the sun’s harsh UV rays and will keep it looking showroom ready.


Squirrels, cats, and even possums like to use your car as a warm place to curl up. Thier claws can do significant damage to your paint job and may leave an abundance of scratches where they walk. A car cover may not be able to keep a squirrel from climbing into the engine, but it can keep your neighborhood cat from scratching the paint as it walks across your hood.

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