Don't Fall Into the Aftermarket Trap

When it’s time to replace a part on your car, you may be tempted to order aftermarket parts or those produced by someone other than the manufacturer of your vehicle. People opt for aftermarket parts for many reasons, from appealing looks to lower prices. However, before you take the leap and order an aftermarket replacement, there are a few things you need to know.

  1. Stylish looks don’t always mean you’re getting a high-quality part. Don’t get us wrong. There are a number of fantastic aftermarket manufacturers out there, but for every great aftermarket part, there are hundreds of subpar parts shipped across the world. The only way to know the exact quality you’re getting is to order OEM parts online. Only the manufacturer can make parts specifically tailored to your vehicle’s make and model.
  2. Aftermarket replacements may save you initially, but they can cost you down the road. Many aftermarket parts simply won’t last as long as OEM parts made by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Rather than having to replace the part more frequently, simply order OEM parts in the first place!
  3. Finding the right aftermarket part can take a long time. When you’re shopping for an aftermarket part, you’ll need to know the exact measurements and specifications for your vehicle. Even then, you may order a part and install it, only to find that it doesn’t work or isn’t the right fit, forcing you to start the search over again. Save yourself the time and hassle by ordering a replacement part specifically designed for your car. 

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