Four Driving Lessons For Your Teenager

Now that summer is in full swing, it might be time to start teaching your teen how to drive. This milestone is an important step in their journey to adulthood, but there are a few lessons outside of how to handle a car that we strongly believe teens should be taught when they’re learning the ins and outs of driving. Here are a few of the things we think all teen drivers should know.

  • Stay focused. Texting, phone calls, and cramming lots of people into a small car is a hallmark of the teenage experience, but it’s also one of the most dangerous things they can do. Teach your teen to stay focused and reduce distractions when possible. it is important to teach your teen to ignore their phone when they’re behind the wheel. Tell them that the conversation can wait and if it’s truly important, they can pull over and park to check their phone.
  • Stay calm. Driving is stressful, even for those of us who are experienced. When the stress climbs, it’s easy to let road rage make the situation worse. Lead by example. If someone cuts you off, stay calm and show your teen that tailgating and aggressive driving is not the answer.
  • Maintenance is an absolute must. Regular vehicle maintenance is key in extending the life of their car, but many teens put it off. Establish a maintenance schedule and teach them the basics whenever possible. Letting them take care of their own car establishes a sense of responsibility and ownership, helping it become a priority in their mind.
  • Know the local laws. While many driver’s education classes cover the laws governing vehicle operation, make sure your teen actually understands the laws and why they matter. Quiz them before they get behind the wheel and discuss any areas of improvement after you reach your destination.

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