Get Your Car Ready for Fall

Summer is over and cooler weather is finally here. While that means you’ll be able to rely less on your car’s air conditioner, there are a few things you can do to give your car a boost towards handling the changing seasons. 

  1. Check your tire pressure. In summer, your tires are exposed to more heat, making the air inside the tubes expand more quickly than it would in cooler weather. Once the temperatures drop, that same amount of air creates less pressure, decreasing your car’s fuel efficiency and increasing the risk of flats. Make sure your tire pressure is set to the manufacturer’s recommended levels. 
  2. Change out your air filter. Since you’ve been running the A/C all summer, your car’s air filter has had to work extra hard to keep out impurities, dust, and debris from your car’s system. Check your engine and cabin air filters for excess build up and replace them if they’re dirty. This will keep your engine running smoothly just in time for fall. 
  3. Inspect your belts and hoses. This is something you should do every time the season changes. Pop the hood and examine your belts and hoses for tears, rips, and punctures. If you see any damage, replace the parts immediately. 
  4. Show your brakes some love. After a summer full of roadtrips, your brakes have seen some extensive use. Check your brake pads for wear and tear and get your car tuned up for the autumn. Cooler weather often brings ice and having adequate stopping power can mean the difference between gradual braking and collision. 

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