Got an Oil Leak? Check the Oil Seal!

Oil pumps are responsible for keeping your engine lubricated and working. Inside the oil pump, the oil pressure is maintained with an oil seal. Most often, engine oil pump problems come down to the oil seal. Here, we’ll cover some of the more common symptoms of a bad oil seal.

Low Engine Oil Level

Checking your oil should be a regular part of your vehicle maintenance. When it drops too low, the engine will not receive proper lubrication and you run the risk of catastrophic damage. If you notice that the oil level is continually low, you likely have a leak. While a loose oil filter is often the problem, a damaged oil seal will also cause a gradual, but consistent leak. Low oil levels also lead to low engine oil pressure which prevents the oil from being pumped to the engine properly.

High Engine Temperature

When oil is pumped to the engine, it reduces the amount of friction the parts create. This reduces engine heat and keeps the system from overheating. When your oil pump is leaking, you may notice that your engine runs hotter than normal. This is because the friction generated by normal driving increases. Over time, this can cause damage to the engine.

Puddles of Oil

If you’ve noticed puddles of oil beneath your parked car when you leave for work in the morning, it’s time to take a look under the hood. As mentioned before, oil leaks can occur from a number of different factors, but a damaged oil seal can lead to puddles appearing beneath your car.

Clinking Noise

When oil pressure and levels are low, your engine is not properly lubricated. When the amount of oil the engine receives is sufficiently low, you may hear a loud clinking noise when the car is running. This is a sign that the parts are not lubricated and are in danger of damage due to friction and heat.

Keeping your engine lubricated and your oil pump in good repair is key to extending the life of your vehicle. Be sure you have the right parts for you vehicle. We provide only the highest quality OEM parts online for your Acura and Honda vehicles.