Gremlins are Real

No, I am not talking about the critters from the 1980s that turn from cute little fuzzy creatures into angry destructive beasts. Actually the gremlins that can live in your car are not far off from that description. They can seem to be not that big of a deal but in reality your car is under attack. At Acura Express we provide the most complete selection of OEM Acura parts available, think of us as gremlin exterminators. We have the parts for fix your Acura, no matter what the issue. Need a new tire pressure sensor for your TSX? How about a sunroof seal for an MDX? Generally we have all of these parts in stock and they will ship in 24 hours, getting you back on the road in no time. Of course we can't guarantee that we will have every single part in stock but with our factory connection, we have a multitude of options available.

The North American Gremlin

The common automotive gremlin is an elusive critter that, in some cases, may never be found. Much like their underground colleagues, the tommyknocker, the gremlin is a mythological creature that creates havoc and then seems to disappear into the ether. Gremlins first were identified in the early days of World War II and primarily tinkered with airplanes. Any little issue that could not be explained, was immediately blamed on the mischievous little creatures. The technology of the day was not that great compared to today’s standards because, at the time, airplanes had only been around for around 30 years. Gremlins created all sorts of issues for the pilots and earned their place in the mythology of all things mechanical. The common gremlin is no larger than a typical house cat that stands on its hind legs all the time. (I know you have seen the videos) They are very adept at climbing in and out of tight, mechanical spaces. They wear little coveralls and have tight knit family units. Contrary to popular opinion the North American gremlin is not fond of wearing hats, that is more of a European gremlin trait.  

Finding Gremlins

Due to the high degree of fit and finish, Acuras have very little trouble with gremlins, but as with anything mechanical, they eventually can be an issue. In order to successfully locate and eradicate a suspected gremlin, one must be adept at troubleshooting and have the best parts from Acura Express Troubleshooting is an art that takes years to perfect, and even after many years, gremlins can get the best of you. The only effective way to become better at troubleshooting is to do more of it; the old saying goes, experience is what you gain when everything goes wrong. Gremlins hate troubleshooting and that is why it is an important skill to have. We are proud to be your Acura parts source, no matter what kind of part you need and we pride ourselves on offering only OEM parts. Gremlins hate OEM parts because they always fit and fix the problem.                        

Fast Gremlin Removal

When you locate the gremlins, our team of parts professionals will be able to help locate the correct parts to make sure they stay away. Think of us as the gremlin arsenal, we stock all of the parts necessary to eliminate gremlins. It is time to join the fight! Get out there and find that rattle in your dashboard, trace that wiring to a burned out taillight and maybe even score a victory, a victory over the gremlins.