Hacking Your CR-V

Around these parts, we’re big fans of the Honda CR-V. It’s versatile and reliable, comfortable, yet it doesn’t take up too much space. Need a good vehicle for picking up kids and doing grocery shopping? No problem. Looking for a solid ride to head into the mountains? Piece of cake.

If you’re a proud owner of the CR-V, odds are good that you’re motivated to keep it in tip-top shape. If issues arise, you can always contact us, the premier source for Honda replacement parts.Keep reading to learn some useful hacks to keep things running smooth and looking good.

  • If the paint job starts getting scratched up, paint protection film is a great way to remove unsightly blemishes. In emergencies, use a small amount of nail polish, but be sure to either match colors or use clear.

  • A vehicle filled with trash makes it look like your high schooler drives your car. Mounting a command hook to hold a garbage bag keeps things looking neat and clean. No stains on seats or floor and trash won’t pile up.

  • If you need a place for a decent nap or you’re not into sleeping on the ground while camping, an inflatable bed placed on your backseat or cargo area allows you a place to grab some shut eye.

  • Noticing your headlights looking foggy or dimmer than they should? You can always replace the bulbs, but before you do, gently apply a little toothpaste to the cover. If the bulb is in good shape, the haze will be removed.