Keep Cool

The heat of the summer is upon us after a miserable winter in the throes of snow and ice storms the heat should feel pretty good. Well, it will feel good for an hour at least, then it will be unbearable for the next four months, until the magical fall season is upon us. The worst part about summer is the warm weather and the sunshine, am I right? Of course not! That is the best part of summer, just not for your car. Your Acura is engineered to be reliable, exciting and extremely fun to drive, that being said, keeping your Acura on the road is a matter of how much care you put into it. If you are the kind of person that loves to work on their own car, there is no better car to work on than an Acura. There is no better online source for your parts than Acura Express We carry the most complete selection of OEM Acura parts online, shipping most orders within 24 hours (see our shipping policy for details) and we can have you back on the road in no time.

The Cooling System

The cooling system is much more complex than most people realize. It does so much more than most people realize. The main components of the engine cooling system are: the radiator, the thermostat, the water pump, the fan and the coolant (or antifreeze) itself. By far the most critical aspect of the cooling system is the antifreeze. Antifreeze is a conglomeration of additives and agents that each perform a different function. The main purpose is to carry heat away from the engine and its parts. It is really just super powered water, like the neon drinks in your local gas station, water itself is an excellent corrosive agent and has a tendency of destroying engine parts. The solution is to add a bunch of additional chemicals to the water, reducing the likelihood of corroding the inside of the engine and radiator. If you have ever felt antifreeze, it is much more substantial than regular water, this allows better heat transfer and increased lubricity. It is advisable that, after winter and depending on the type of coolant your Acura utilizes, you change your coolant and flush the cooling system. Of course now, there are engine coolants that last for more than one hundred thousand miles, so the rule of thumb is to follow the maintenance intervals in the owner's manual.                 

Water Pump

Antifreeze by itself is not going to dissipate the amount of heat that your engine is generating unless it is circulated. In fact it is not uncommon for engine coolant to boil out when the heat becomes too much. An engine generally is running around 195 to 220 degrees fahrenheit and can skyrocket if the cooling system fails. The water pump keeps this from happening. The cooling system is pressurized due to the heat and containing the coolant is the only way to keep it in the system. Circulating the coolant keeps it flowing nice and fast because once it stops it will boil away. The water pump pushes the coolant through the entire engine through its own little passages called water jackets. These passages can be no bigger than the head of a thumbtack so it is critical that the coolant is clean for proper flow.

You often hear about thermostats sticking or not functioning. The thermostat is the little guy that controls the temperature of the engine. It is not the fan, it is not the antifreeze it is the thermostat. The thermostat works as a gate that allows only coolant coolant of a certain temperature to circulate. It allows the coolant to heat up quickly and regulates temperature in very cold weather. The thermostat is placed inline and remains closed until the engine reaches operating temperature. That is why, if your thermostat is stuck the engine will overheat.


The radiator is the part of the cooling system that most of us are the most familiar with. What used to be a big hulking piece of aluminum in the front of your engine compartment is now a much smaller piece of aluminum flanked by plastic. The radiator and the fan are required to work together. The fan doesn't do much to cool the engine down by itself, contrary to what you may think the air created by the fan does little to cool the engine. The fan pulls air through the radiator and cools down the coolant inside. The coolant in the radiator is continually moving and flows from one side to the other. It begins with a full heat load and ends up being fairly cool again. Another engine component that gets little respect when it comes to cooling is the engine oil. Engine oil is incredibly effective at carrying heat away from places like the cylinder head and the pistons. That is why it is so important to change your engine oil and filter regularly.

Quality, cooling system parts are incredibly important to the life of your engine and at Acura Express we only carry the OEM parts that are guaranteed to fit your Acura. Don’t fall of the discount auto parts warehouse that claim they have part that will fit, your best bet is ordering from us for the originals. So shop now for all of your cooling system parts and accessories and enjoy the heat again!