More on Acura Fluids

Owning a precision crafted vehicle like an Acura is truly an experience. The reliability is incredible, the fit and finish is nothing short of luxurious and the potential for excellence is unrivaled. Acuras are everything, from factory sponsored rally cars and track cars to midnight drag racers. Finding the best parts online is easy, when you order from Acura Express, we carry all of the performance, OEM and specialty components available, all with an exceptional industry track record. Let’s say you want to upgrade your late 90’s Integra with a 2017 NSX engine and transmission. If you are a performance oriented individual, you probably know that putting a 2017 NSX engine in a late 90’s Integra is not very practical; but, if you can dream it, we can provide the parts. We have full engines and transmissions for almost every Acura still in production.

Last time we talked at length about engine oil and how important it is to consider the most neglected part of your car, the oil. Oil change intervals should be considered the same as birthdays, something to be celebrated and anticipated. That being said, many times only the engine oil is considered and not all of the other critical fluids in your vehicle. Your vehicle could have as many as six different fluids, not including engine oil, inside of various components. In the typical Acura these fluids generally include coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, gear oil, and engine oil(Sometimes, a clutch fluid will be used for a hydraulic clutch.).


Your engine’s coolant is a critical component for regulating temperature in your engine. The temperature of your engine is a big factor in longevity. Contemporary engines typically will run between 195 and 220 degrees fahrenheit and the reason that they do that is due to your engine coolant. To clarify, engine coolant and antifreeze are the same thing, it just depends on what you prefer to call them. Engine coolant is not so simple to buy for your vehicle, because today there are many different colors, types and uses for engine coolant. There are specific coolant mixtures for different manufacturers and it is very important that the different types of coolant are not mixed together. Gone are the days when you bought a jug of green stuff and mixed it with water.

The function of your coolant directly impacts your engine oil, even though they never come into contact with each other. Coolant carries heat away from critical engine components and allows it to dissipate into the atmosphere. Coolant can last quite a long time and it is generally not even changed, unless there is an issue. Coolant may become dirty or mixed with oil, and then it must be changed. This is also an indication that there is a serious issue, internally, with your engine.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is not as much for lubrication as it is for pushing power. Pushing and pulling power in fluid dynamics is referred to as hydraulics. Braking systems on contemporary cars are essentially a simple hydraulic system with the brake fluid transferring the energy of the brake pedal to the brake calipers at the wheels. Brake fluid is susceptible to water intrusion and if water gets into your brake system, it is critical that the fluid be changed; if this does occur, the internal components will rust and cause the brakes to be ineffective.

Your Acura is a marvel of modern engineering and the fluids should not be neglected. At Acura Express we have all of the parts available online to maintain and enhance your vehicle. Search by model and year to ensure that you are getting the proper parts for your Acura. See you on the road!