More Tips for Getting Your Car Ready for Summer

In our last blog, we looked at five different tips for getting your car ready for the summer: restocking your emergency kit, topping off your fluids, rotating your tires, inspecting your wiper blades, and checking your spare tire. If you haven’t checked that one out, it is a great lead-in to today’s blog, so read it here before continuing on! Now that you are all caught up, we will be diving in deeper with five more tips to help you prepare your car for summer. Buckle in, because here we go!

Look at your drive belt

In our previous blog, we talked about the importance of topping off your fluids at the beginning of the summer. While you have your hood popped, take a moment to get a good look at your drive belt. If you have ever had a belt snap while you are out on the road, you know that it can be a major annoyance. Roadside repairs are far more costly than in-shop repairs, as is getting your car towed to a shop. Avoid this hassle by making sure that your drive belt is in great shape. If you notice any cracking, bring it into your shop right away for a more in depth inspection or replacement. Having a belt replaced is relatively inexpensive.

Test your lights

If you have lights that are out, it is not only dangerous for you, other drivers, and pedestrians, but you run the risk of getting pulled over and ticketed by the police. Your car has many lights that can be checked, so here is a quick checklist of ones you should inspect:
  • Headlights
  • Brights
  • Front blinkers
  • Side blinkers
  • Rear blinkers
  • Brake lights
  • Rear window brake light
  • License plate light
  • Interior lights
  • Trunk lights

Service your A/C

With summer comes warmer weather and longer days. It is a great time for driving around, unless your air conditioning is out of order, that is! Driving around while sweating bullets is nobody’s idea of a great time. Before it gets too hot, get your A/C checked out by your local shop.

Inspect your cooling system

The interior of the car isn’t the only area where it is important to keep cool when the weather heats up. Luckily, your car has a great cooling system in place to keep your engine and transmission working great, even when the weather heats up. Your radiator, thermostat, fan, and water pump all work in harmony to keep your engine and transmission operating at the proper temperatures. If this system fails, your car will overheat and break down.

Have your brakes checked

Finally, get your brakes checked before summer. Your brakes were probably run through their paces in the winter and spring months, so ensuring that they are working well is a great idea before summer hits. Don’t wait until you hear your brake pads screaming at you; getting them checked before they wear out will save you time and money. By taking the time to fully prepare your car for the summer months, you’ll be riding in comfort without worrying about any potential issues. Remember, preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding costly repairs down the road. Preparing your car for summer is just one of many times throughout the years that you should be taking a forward-thinking approach to car care. Ready to get your car tuned up and ready for the road? Shop our wide selection of Honda and Acura OEM parts online today. Need help tracking down a specific part? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.