Riding the Storm Out

Summer is the time to get out on the wide open road. Load up your dog and a few good friends, skip to an epic playlist on Spotify and let it rip. Get out and explore America to see the stupid roadside attractions that make everyone nostalgic for the old days of driving when it really mattered. Those that driving truly matters to, are the same ones that aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. The chosen few who hear something different when they start their cars, the sound of an engine that has at least one drop of blood rattling around in there somewhere. A vehicle that has meaning to its owner and is a throwback to days gone by. At Acura Express Parts we get you, we understand the passion that goes into working on your own car and we know that when you are working on your car, you want the best parts. That is where the parts experts at Acura Express Parts come in, we have all of the parts you need to make your Acura exactly what you want it to be.

The Open Road

A reliable vehicle is much more than a way to get to work in the morning and if you work on your own vehicles, you know this. It is a bug out machine when the zombies take over, it is a time machine when the road becomes too long and even a chariot for the epic crossing of the desert. The point is, a car is much more than a vehicle to a lot of us out there, and keeping it in top shape is the top priority. Movies, books and songs have all been champions of the open road, even the Bible has its own epic road trip when Moses led his people into the desert. The desert still holds that fascination to this day; the wide open spaces on either side of the road with nothing to see for miles can really get to a person.

The Ode to The Road

They say Jim Morrison had a fascination with the desert and the mysticism that was wrapped up in it. The desert is where the outlaws live, deep in box canyons, squating around smoking fires, waiting for the next train to rob. The desert is home to the shaman of the ancients, where men turn into hawks or coyotes at the first stretch of twilight. The desert is where the aliens visited us in the decades following the nuclear tests of the 1940s. The desert is also roads, and dust, dust devils with swirling tumbleweeds in the suffocating heat. So many passages have been written about the desert in a similar way, the last of the visible wilderness in America.

Just as Morrison had an affinity for the desert, Jack Kerouac had a love for the mountains. The snow capped peaks of the high Sierras with other poets reciting haikus and drinking cheap wine on the trails. The John Denver-esque Rocky Mountains with bears scrounging berries in the avalanche chutes, their cold noses sniffing for intruders. The mighty Appalachians, where Daniel Boone stepped into the west before the west was further west.

Go West...

Deserts and mountains have captured the fancy of the traveler at one time or another. The road is the one constant path in our society, generally these days, if there is not a road, most will not make the effort to go there. Make the effort to go there, see what it's like to be chased across the prairie by a gathering thunderstorm, the rain visible between you and the mountains; your Acura running flawlessly beneath your right foot. Experience the road.