Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Air Filter

It’s easy to forget about the cabin air filters when doing routine maintenance on your car. However, just like engine oil, air filters need to be replaced to keep your car running in top condition. Most manufacturers suggest that you replace your air filters every 10,000 miles for the best performance, but sometimes, your filters will need to be changed more frequently. Look for these signs that your air filter needs to be replaced:

Lower Performance

In older cars, clogged air filters often affected the fuel economy, as the amount of oxygen that reached the engine would slowly decline, forcing the engine to compensate by using more gas. While the advent of fuel-injected engines has largely reduced this concern, a dirty air filter may keep your car from performing at its best. Further, the air filter keeps debris and dirt from getting into your engine and mucking up the internal functions. Dirty filters can lead to a decrease in power and acceleration, and replacing the air filter may restore the lost power.

Poor-Quality Air Conditioning

Your cabin air filter keeps contaminants and debris from being blown into your cabin when you run the air conditioning or the heat. When the filter is clogged, your air conditioning won’t work as well and you may notice a change in the temperature the system can maintain. Replacing your filter will help increase the airflow from the A/C and will keep contaminants outside your car.

Replacing your air filters can make all the difference between an efficient and powerful engine and one that struggles to keep up with the demands of daily driving. At Acura Express Parts, we have the right air filter for your car’s make and model. Browse our selection today.