The Acura Story

Ever wonder where your favorite car brand came from? The Acura story is much different than you might expect. What we know of Acura in America is luxury automobiles and SUV’s with exceptional fit and finish. The name itself has elevated to that mythical American symbol of excellence, the Cadillac. Now the Cadillac and the Acura may be competing for the same spot in the garage but Acura’s goals are much different. Acura Express is proud to represent the Acura brand in America. We offer the most complete selection of Acura parts and accessories, all OEM parts with none of the compatiblity issues that plague aftermarket parts. When you need the right part and you need it to fit, utilizing OEM parts is the only way to go. Many times your warranty will require the use of OEM parts in order to be compatible, and that is always important to consider.

Acura Beginnings

Ironically enough, the Acura began in a garage and, surprisingly on two wheels, not four. Much like the legendary, American motorcycle company Harley-Davidson, Acura began at just the right time and in a small, handbuilt capacity. The post World War II haze was just beginning to settle, and Honda had spent the war supporting the war effort manufacturing aircraft propellers. The war devastated the factory and, ironically, Honda sold the company off to Toyota in order to establish what would eventually become the Honda Motor Company. The country of Japan was clearly devastated from the war, and  prized cheap transportation, and a common practice was mounting small motors onto bicycles. The Honda Motor Company was born out of this need. Utilizing war surplus engines, Honda retrofitted them onto bicycles and sold them, eventually making their own engine. This led to manufacturing motorcycles and it pretty much exploded from there.   

The Nicest People

Keep in mind, Honda had its beginnings in motorcycle manufacturing and making cars was an afterthought. Honda become the largest motorcycle maker in the world in the early 1960s. An amazing feat for a company that, 30 years earlier was not even making full vehicles. The legend goes, that Honda managed to reach the top after a series of ads that ran in the U.S. In the 1960s in America, motorcycles were not necessarily the most accepted method of transportation. They were seen as rebellious, dangerous and irresponsible; meaning that most people would be reluctant to buy a motorcycle because of the stigma attached to them. Their success comes down to a simple tag line, “You Meet the Nicest People on a Honda”. In an advertising coup that had never been pulled off before, Honda began running these ads in the U.S., and immediately reached their intended audience. Honda had become one of the greatest success stories in motorcycling, and the effects of the ad campaign still resonate today.                          

The Rise of The Honda/Acura Automobile

Much like their exceptional motorcycles,Honda began their automotive line in a similarly low key fashion, even making chain driven sports cars for a while. Honda established an impeccable track record with their cars and are known to this day for their dependability and reliability. The success of Honda Automotive led to expanding into new markets and thus, Acura was born. The 1980s in America were a time of relative prosperity, and Acura was in the right place at the right time yet again when it was launched in March of 1986. No other Japanese automobile company had attempted to establish a luxury brand up to that point and Acura was truly a large success. Once the first tire hit American shores, the Acura brand has been on top of the luxury car market. It is only natural that niche markets sprout up when something is as beloved as the Acura and racing has become a large part of the culture. The legendary NSX has captured the imaginations of little gearheads since its inception in the early 1990s. The CL series was a vehicle that could compete with Mustangs of the day.

At Acura Express we proudly carry on this exceptional legacy by offering the finest selection of OEM Acura parts online. Please take a moment to browse our online catalog, give us a call or shoot us an email and as always we thank you for your support!