The Importance of Engine Oil

Acura’s are synonymous with quality, exclusivity and unrivaled reliability. Even with all of those qualities, the sole responsibility of keeping your vehicle in the top shape relies on the shoulders of the owner. At Acura Express we provide everything you need to keep your Acura on the road. Everything from interior light bulbs and headlights to engines and transmissions, we stock OEM Acura parts and offer them to you at the best value anywhere. All of the parts you need are available online, direct from our warehouse to your door, allowing you to keep your Acura running for many years to come.

It is generally thought that the metal components of your car are what keep it on the road. Things like the engine, transmission, rear end and tires are generally thought of as being key components that keep your car going. While those are integral to the operation of your vehicle, there are various other parts that you may not consider to be as important, but in reality, are critical to the longevity of your Acura. Those parts are the oils that lubricate these critical components. Most people do not consider the importance of engine and transmission oil, or many other fluids for that matter. Just like the human body will not function without blood, your Acura will not function without oils and fluids.

Engine oil is one of the most confusing things to discuss because there are a thousand different brands and a million different opinions. The bottom line with engine oil is how necessary it is to your vehicle. Think of it like this, without oil your Acura will not run and the engine will lock up and be destroyed. That is pretty severe, but that is a fact. Think of it this way, your engine is a complex assembly of thousands of different parts and most of those parts are made of metal. When metal comes in contact with metal, something has to give and wear will occur. Wear in metal parts is similar to your teeth, once it is gone there is no going back. The only way to combat this violent wear is to add lubrication. Now, to be clear, wear is still going to occur with lubrication, but at a drastically reduced rate.

A good illustration of how lubrication works is by taking two, flat, round steel plates and stacking them on top of each other. When you try and turn the steel plates against each other, the friction between the two will be almost too extreme to move them. Now, if you take the same steel plates and put a few drops of oil between them, the oil will create a film of lubricant, allowing the plates to turn. This is what is happening in your engine when oil is coating the internal parts, smooth efficient motion, with very little wear. A smooth, efficient engine with clean oil will achieve better gas milage, better horsepower and will last longer than an engine that has been neglected. The engine with clean oil does not have to work as hard as the engine with dirty oil. Think of a bicycle chain filled with mud, odds are, it is going to be difficult to pedal, that is how your engine feels when it has dirty engine oil.

Engine oil, by nature, will go through many different changes. Viscosity is critical to keeping those metal parts moving between one another. Viscosity is determined by temperature and in the normal life on an engine, temperature can vary widely. This is why modern engine oil is essentially a blend of polymers and traditional oil, so it is able to remain effective at varying temperatures. These polymers break down and create an engine oil that is no longer effective, that is the reasoning behind factory recommended oil change intervals, that and warranty concerns definitely have an impact. The science behind determining the proper engine oil for your Acura is determined by intensive testing as well as real world failures.

Your choice of maintenance for your Acura should be motivated by longevity and one of the best ways you can control that is through following the oil change guidelines. It may seem like such a small thing but it is critical. When a timing belt snaps due to a small cut that was not visible to the naked eye it is not necessarily something that you can control, but the condition of your engine oil is an aspect of your vehicle that you can control. If your vehicle is important to you, take the steps to show it some love. Change your engine oil at the designated intervals, keep a flashlight in your glove compartment and always order your genuine, Acura OEM parts from Acura Express See you on the road!