Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Car Floor Mats

Car floor mats may not look like much, but they’re vital to protecting your vehicle’s interior. At Acura Express Parts, we have the right mat for your car and guarantee the right fit based on the make and model. While upgrading your floor mats may not be high on your priority list, here are a few reasons you should consider replacing your Honda’s floor mats this summer.

Spilled Drinks

Summer is the season for road trips, and it’s likely you’ll see a number of spills and accidents inside your car, especially if you’re traveling with kids. Spilled drinks can permanently stain the interior of your car, and while the floor is less visible than the seats, it still needs to be protected. Our Honda OEM rubber mats provide complete protection for your floor and offer incredibly easy cleanup. Simply spray the rubber down with a hose and use a mild detergent when necessary.


The carpeted floor of your car will, no doubt, experience muddy conditions throughout the summer. Your floor mats protect the carpet underneath from the dirt and grime. Unlike your car’s interior, your floor mats can easily be removed and vacuumed. If the same dirt gets into your interior, the cleaning process is much more difficult and requires more time and effort.


Floor mats are a barrier between your feet and the bottom of your car. Over time, the contact from your shoes will wear the material down. While floor mats are easy to replace, the carpeting beneath them is not. As soon as you see wear on your mats, replace them. Higher quality floor mats, like those from Acura Express Parts, will last longer and protect your floor more thoroughly.

Floor mats from big-box retail stores are not guaranteed to fit your vehicle and may not provide the right protection for your floor. Shop Acura Express Parts today to find the right fit for your car.