Why You Need All-Season Mats

When you bought your car, it probably came with one set of floor mats to protect your car. The majority of mats in the industry are simple layers of carpet. While carpet mats do help protect your car’s interior from stains and damage due to wear and tear, they may not be the best option for your vehicle. Acura Express parts is proud to carry all-weather mats for your Honda. If you’re wondering if all-weather mats are for you, here are a few reasons to upgrade.


While the standard carpet mats that came with your car offer some protection, they don’t keep everything out of your vehicle’s floor. All-season mats are made of rubber and are waterproof, so any liquids or food spills that happen on the road will stay in the mat rather than soaking through the fabric to your car’s carpeting.

More Coverage

All-season mats are often designed with raised edges that offer the most protection for your floor. Even if you spill a full cup of coffee on the mat, the liquid will be trapped in the all-weather mat. Even during turns, it’s unlikely that the liquid will slosh onto the floorboards or the door trim.

Makes Cleanup Easy

With carpeted mats, you’ll have to put a lot of elbow grease into cleaning them. Mud, dirt, dust, and food can all become lodged in the fibers and requires vigorous vacuuming. Even then, the carpet may be stained and damaged. All-season mats are much easier to clean. In most cases, pulling them out of the car and shaking them will get rid of most debris, but for stubborn or sticky stains, clean them with a mild soap and rinse with your garden hose.

Upgrade your car mats with all-weather mats from Acura Express Parts. When you order from us, you’ll know you’re getting OEM parts guaranteed to fit your make and model.